By being curious and asking questions about where you are now, how you feel and what events created your current circumstances, we can then make a plan to change your life in the way you want it to be changed.

Come and explore!

How did I get started in energy healing?

Around 2011 I was listening to a speaker at a holistic festival event. This man was talking about energy and stones, and he opened up for questions after his session. A lady that was sitting a few rows in front of me raised her hand and she said, "I would like to know what I should do for a new career." And I thought, Oh my God, that's the strangest question you would ever ask somebody that you don't know. He gave her an answer, and she seemed pretty happy with it. 

So I raised my hand. And I asked the same question. At the time, I didn't know or didn't understand, but what he was doing was channeling his answers from his guides. His guides took quite a while to come up with something they thought I should do.  

He asked me, "You like things just to be done, don't you?"  

I said, "Yeah, I do." 

He said, "Quantum touch." 

I'm thinking, What the heck's that?!

He moved on to the next question and I went home. I looked up quantum touch, found their website, went to the bookstore, ordered the book. I found out that there was a lady in my area who was teaching a class and so took the online class first with my friend and then after that I took the in person class, and I thought this was the coolest thing in the world. So I kept going. 

Why did I start this as a business? 
After a couple classes in quantum touch, I found it fascinating that you could impact people at a great distance. At the time my dad lived about 12 hours away from me. He started getting sick, and I couldn't go and help my parents - take them to doctor's appointments or make meals or anything. So I did distance healing. And shortly after that time, Sandy Hook happened. It was then that I realized that I knew something that could help people, and I needed to take what I could do seriously. So I made the commitment and became a certified practitioner.