Garden tool refresh

Garden tool refresh
"Tools are our roots" was one of the first phrases I heard when we gathered as the team hired to open the first midwest store of Smith & Hawken in 1995. They handed each of us a package with a Felco pruning shear in it and had us disassemble and reassemble it. That was my start on learning to appreciate and care for high quality garden hand tools.

People would always gather around to watch and ask questions whenever I worked on tools at the store. And it was fun to see the tools come back to life with some basic maintenance that everyone can do at home.

Here is a list of supplies I use to keep my tools cared for and my affiliate link to order them on Amazon...
- the 3-in-one oil is great for loosening rusted bolts, you will only need 1 3oz bottle for the rest of your life

-the Sandflex hand block in medium is one of my favorite cleaning tools!

-Felco spray is a great finishing lubricant and unless you own a landscaping company, you should only need to buy it once.

-White lithium grease is used when you reassemble to pruner to keep the blades moving smoothly.

-EZE - LAP diamond hone and stone

Falco's - if you need a new good quality tool.
#2 - basic
#6 - for smaller hands
#8 - blade is a continuation of your site line (my favorite ones)
they also have left handed pruners

Balance inside, balance all around

I was working with a client last week who is going through some major life changes. 
After the healing part of our session I asked, have you changed anything about your physical environment (home) since you initiated these life changes?
When you look around your home, are there things that no longer suit the person you are becoming?
You have permission to pass along those items.
I have been thinking about donating some books. I don't need them anymore.
That's a great place to start!

It is a process that occurs within all of us. When I began deepening into my healership, I came to a point where I realized that I could no longer read books that were murder mysteries or were violent. It no longer sat well with my desire to support people coming into harmony with themselves. One day I just got a couple grocery bags and went through all my bookshelves and pulled out all the books with a major theme of violence in them. I headed to the thrift shop to drop them off and when I returned home, I rebalanced the energy in my space to allow for more light and peacefulness. I could feel the difference in my rooms after I did that.

I'm currently working on a clutter clearing process to be very intentional about the things and energy I have in my space. Many people do this process and call it spring cleaning. It is you taking the time to choose what you want in your surroundings.
If you look around from where you are at this moment right now...
Are there things that you can get rid of?
Are there things that need to be put away?
Are there things that are no longer serving you that you could donate?
Is there a way you could move some of the furniture around to help the space feel new or refreshed?

This is something that is an ongoing process and as you grow and change, your environment also needs to grow and change with you.
Take a moment to look around.
What do you see that feels out of place?
I invite you to put it away, throw it away or donate it.
And then notice how that space feels. 

If you want to join me for a free 15 Days of Balance challenge starting March 15, you can click the link and sign up. We will be exploring balance in different aspects of your life and asking questions you may not have considered before.

If you would like to focus of refreshing the way your space feels and don't want to wait, I have a recorded workshop called Creating Energy and Intention for Your Space. The link to purchase this workshop is

Move the Marble day

In a recent blog post, the concept of Marble Day is introduced. Inspired by Dr. Troy Amdahl, the author shares the idea of two jars filled with marbles, one representing the years lived and the other representing the potential years left to live. The lone marble in between represents the present year, emphasizing the importance of living in the moment. Reflecting on this concept, the author realizes the need to seize the opportunity to pursue dreams and goals sooner rather than later. The article ends with a thought-provoking question, encouraging readers to consider how they will choose to spend their present moment.

Does Artistry or Creativity only mean drawing?

In a breakout room for a workshop I attended earlier this month, we were chatting about aspects of creativity and one woman exclaimed that she wasn't artistic because she couldn't draw a recognizable stick figure. As a group we challenged the notion of how creativity and artistry show up.

My son claims he isn't artistic, but you should see the landscapes he has created.
A few of the artists in a group I belong to know that they can create, but don't feel that they can call themselves artists, because they don't make money from their work.
Another friend took the longest time to claim the title of artist, because the work she did was only for herself.

Many people feel that art or creativity is only something we can create with our hands, but I beg to differ. A good book is a work of art. Solving a business or social problem can call in to play many many aspects of creativity. Solving a problem in math or science as well as creating a new product requires creativity and usually artistry. In fact, I really don't think there is anything that can't benefit from a light application of creativity.

Where in your life does artistry/creativity show up most?
How does it come forth?
What does it feel like when it flows easily?
Are there areas of your life that feel stuck and what would happen to that stuckness if you applied a bit of creativity and artistry to it?
Are there any creative endeavors you have wanted to try, but don't because you don't think they would be of value? What if the value was that they look like fun and you want to try it?
Do you need permission to be creative or artistic? 
Go do it! :)

My current project - the Wholistic Cancer Support Summit


Although I started learning about alternative healing methods when I was 15, the past 12 years of learning and practicing have given me a much broader base in understanding how so many seemingly different things, all support the body and mind.
As I have seen many friends and acquaintances journey through the experience of cancer, I realized that the many tools and practices I learned about could be put to use to support them as they navigate the medical process of cancer. However there was not really one place to discover all these programs.
A friend suggested that I collect the information and share it.
The Wholistic Cancer Support Summit was born.

If you or someone you know is going through cancer treatment, or if you know someone who works with cancer patients, please take a moment and forward this blog to them.
The Wholistic Cancer Support Summit is free and virtual. Starting June 26 - 29th, each presentation will be available for 24 hours, and you have the option for a paid upgrade to the All Access pass so you can watch the videos for the next year.

Here is the link to join us at the event

I look forward to seeing you there!

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