Wholistic Cancer Support Summit

organized by Lynn Sullivan

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To help you get the most out of your summit experience, listen first to Lynn Sullivan as she walks you through a guided meditation to start things off.

if you have any questions along the way, reach out to Lynn by clicking the button below.

Listen in as Adam Ortman explains how to engage your vagus nerve to help you reduce your heart rate and in turn lower your stress level.  Use this technique any time you feel your heart rate starting to climb or you anticipate your stress is getting high.  

Watch this video first to get the most out of your summit experience.  Lynn guides you through some things you might want to have handy as you watch the rest of the speakers.  

Have questions?  You can contact Lynn by clicking the button below.

Remember to grab your notebook and pen before you start the video. 

Barbette has written a book called Make it Intentional - Harness the power of positive perspectives.

Barbette will be offering a group zoom call for all those who purchase her book to help guide you in setting intentions.  

Once you purchase her book - shoot her an email with the receipt so she can send you the zoom call link and details.  Her email is barbette@barbettespitler.com

Jennifer presents the benefits of working with a physical therapist throughout your cancer treatments.  

Chair Yoga and Quiong have been incredibly helpful for many people going through cancer treaments.  

If you'd like to two free classes, one in Chair Yoga, and one in Qigong, please use the button below to connect with Marie.

Lynn guides you through some simple ways to feel grounded.  This can be especially helpful when so many things can feel out of your control.  Use this technique as often as you need to in order to bring things back into alignment with how you want to feel.  

Anytime you have questions, you can reach out to Lynn.  Just click the button below to get in touch. 

You will need your fat rock for this video.


  • Understand and overcome your symptoms
  • Clean up the physical, emotional, and spiritual clutter in your life
  • Set firm boundaries to prevent others from increasing your anxiety
  • Handle any conflict without worsening your anxiety
  • Trust in yourself and your decisions and speak your truth without overthinking
  • Connect deeply to your purpose, passion, and personal power after anxiety made you forget them
  • Avoid succumbing to anxiety when unexpected situations occur

Barbara's guide to working with an advocate can be downloaded by clicking the button below.  Print it out or save it as a reference for later.

Join Melanie for the Escaping the Worry Whirlpool with The Worry Smarter Process(c) on July 5 at 8 PM CT.  

Tune in to learn how to incorporate breath work in your healing journey.  

To learn more about breathwork, click the button below to watch a more in depth training from Sachin.

Grab an essential oil (or citrus fruit if you don't have any essential oils) for this video.

Download the Modern Alchemist's Guide to Wholistic Cancer Support:

Join our free virtual workshop on July 8th, Transform Your Life with the Power of the Elements: Discover the Secrets of Modern Alchemy

Learn what questions to ask before engaging with a massage therapist in your healing journey from Jenna. 

To connect with Ildiko further, please visit her website:

If you have questions please feel free to reach out to Lynn

Cyd is a Feng Shui expert and offers a unique spin on incorporating this modality in your healing journey. Listen in as she provides you some tangible ways to set up a space in your home that feels in alignment with your healing journey.  

Be sure to have your massage oil or a good lotion ready for this video.

The hand reflexology reference guide is in the downloads section of this lesson.  Please feel free to download it and print it for reference or save it to reference later.  

Pennie also mentions a portable massaging neck wrap that you can find by clicking the button below.

Michelle Sandlin is an award winning author and poet.  She is also a cancer survivor.  Michelle delves into what her journey was like and her unique way she brought additional healing and comfort by including her community of supporters.  Listen in and reflect on what ways you might incorporate incorporate community in your journey.  

Michelle has written a cancer memoir that will be released soon.  To receive updates on her book release, click the button below

Listen in as Lynn describes what energy healing is about and how you can incorporate it into your healing journey.

Questions about it?  Click the button below to contact Lynn.

This is general guidance around making a plan.  To go more in depth, I encourage you to get an All Access Pass and join us for a live call Wednesday July 5 at 7 P.M eastern time.  

The All Access Pass,  gives you access to this live call and all of the summit videos for a full year as well as a bonus guided meditation inviting pain to leave the body.  

Bonus Planning Session with Lynn