In a breakout room for a workshop I attended earlier this month, we were chatting about aspects of creativity and one woman exclaimed that she wasn't artistic because she couldn't draw a recognizable stick figure. As a group we challenged the notion of how creativity and artistry show up.

My son claims he isn't artistic, but you should see the landscapes he has created.
A few of the artists in a group I belong to know that they can create, but don't feel that they can call themselves artists, because they don't make money from their work.
Another friend took the longest time to claim the title of artist, because the work she did was only for herself.

Many people feel that art or creativity is only something we can create with our hands, but I beg to differ. A good book is a work of art. Solving a business or social problem can call in to play many many aspects of creativity. Solving a problem in math or science as well as creating a new product requires creativity and usually artistry. In fact, I really don't think there is anything that can't benefit from a light application of creativity.

Where in your life does artistry/creativity show up most?
How does it come forth?
What does it feel like when it flows easily?
Are there areas of your life that feel stuck and what would happen to that stuckness if you applied a bit of creativity and artistry to it?
Are there any creative endeavors you have wanted to try, but don't because you don't think they would be of value? What if the value was that they look like fun and you want to try it?
Do you need permission to be creative or artistic? 
Go do it! :)


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