Garden tool refresh
"Tools are our roots" was one of the first phrases I heard when we gathered as the team hired to open the first midwest store of Smith & Hawken in 1995. They handed each of us a package with a Felco pruning shear in it and had us disassemble and reassemble it. That was my start on learning to appreciate and care for high quality garden hand tools.

People would always gather around to watch and ask questions whenever I worked on tools at the store. And it was fun to see the tools come back to life with some basic maintenance that everyone can do at home.

Here is a list of supplies I use to keep my tools cared for and my affiliate link to order them on Amazon...
- the 3-in-one oil is great for loosening rusted bolts, you will only need 1 3oz bottle for the rest of your life

-the Sandflex hand block in medium is one of my favorite cleaning tools!

-Felco spray is a great finishing lubricant and unless you own a landscaping company, you should only need to buy it once.

-White lithium grease is used when you reassemble to pruner to keep the blades moving smoothly.

-EZE - LAP diamond hone and stone

Falco's - if you need a new good quality tool.
#2 - basic
#6 - for smaller hands
#8 - blade is a continuation of your site line (my favorite ones)
they also have left handed pruners


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