I first heard about the concept of Marble day from Dr Troy Amdahl. He was sharing about these 2 jars of marbles that he keeps on his desk. One jar has many more marbles. Each one representing a year that he has lived. The second jar has fewer marbles, representing the potential years he has left to live. One lone marble sits on the desk in between the two jars. That is this year. Realistically that is the only year that matters. There may be many lessons, joys and frustrations in the "years lived" jar and many hopes and dreams in the future jar, but now is the only year that he can interact with.

When I set up my marble jars, I counted out 83 marbles (the average age of a US woman's life expectancy). As I put the marbles into the lived jar one by one, I felt a sense of overwhelm that so many years had passed and I didn't feel that I had much to show for them. And then I looked at the years to live jar and counted how few I potentially had with my sons. It both made me sad and began to solidify my desire to reach my dreams sooner rather than later.

It is that marble in the middle, my today that matters most. 

How are you going to spend your today?


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