I was working with a client last week who is going through some major life changes. 
After the healing part of our session I asked, have you changed anything about your physical environment (home) since you initiated these life changes?
When you look around your home, are there things that no longer suit the person you are becoming?
You have permission to pass along those items.
I have been thinking about donating some books. I don't need them anymore.
That's a great place to start!

It is a process that occurs within all of us. When I began deepening into my healership, I came to a point where I realized that I could no longer read books that were murder mysteries or were violent. It no longer sat well with my desire to support people coming into harmony with themselves. One day I just got a couple grocery bags and went through all my bookshelves and pulled out all the books with a major theme of violence in them. I headed to the thrift shop to drop them off and when I returned home, I rebalanced the energy in my space to allow for more light and peacefulness. I could feel the difference in my rooms after I did that.

I'm currently working on a clutter clearing process to be very intentional about the things and energy I have in my space. Many people do this process and call it spring cleaning. It is you taking the time to choose what you want in your surroundings.
If you look around from where you are at this moment right now...
Are there things that you can get rid of?
Are there things that need to be put away?
Are there things that are no longer serving you that you could donate?
Is there a way you could move some of the furniture around to help the space feel new or refreshed?

This is something that is an ongoing process and as you grow and change, your environment also needs to grow and change with you.
Take a moment to look around.
What do you see that feels out of place?
I invite you to put it away, throw it away or donate it.
And then notice how that space feels. 

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